Monthly Archives: May 2017

Starting to get busier

I have one week to go until my Copy Date, so that up to two weeks before my press date. This week I have spent maybe an hour a day on the magazine, sending emails, answering questions and generally trying to sell advertising. At this point I’m not too worried about the content. Some of the advertisers may want some editorial space if they have special things planned for the Summer and I know there are three features I need to run, so it’s not looking like I will be very short of content anyway. The confirmed advertisers are always the first items to be placed when I start laying out the magazine, so there’s no point in starting too soon then having to redo pages at a later date. So, still calm and unstressed. Next week the hard work will start.

Starting the Summer issue

So today I have started to think about my next issue. The copy date is just over two weeks away, the press date is about three weeks away and now all I need to think about is selling enough advertising to cover my costs and make some profit for myself.
This will be the Summer issue so I need to approach Summer schools, Summer events and I need to think about Back-To-Schools stuff; uniform and stationery shops, shoe shops, etc. And the big news for families this year is the new 30 hour free childcare initiative from the government that begins in September. Worth speaking to all the nurseries around to see if they will be taking part in the scheme and whether they would like to be part of a special feature about the new scheme that I am planning. An hour or so spent sending out nice, chatty emails to see who I can help with their advertising needs.