Welcome to the Scallymag for Todmorden and Hebden Bridge

Welcome to the Scallymag for Todmorden and Hebden Bridge

This edition was launched by Hazel in 2003 and she is still Editor. It covers the Upper Calder Valley from Cornholme and Walsden in the west to Luddenden Foot in the east, including the hillside villages of Cragg Vale, Midgley and Old Town on the way.

Four issues are produced each year; in February, May, September and November with 4200 copies of each issue being printed and distributed direct to families through the 22 local primary schools, Toddler Groups, Nurseries, Health Visitors and Baby Clinics, Libraries, etc.

Like every edition of The Scallymag, the heart of the magazine is the diary pages, updated and checked each issue to ensure they are accurate and correct. This, along with the lively news sections, ideas for days out and other features means it is always well read and appreciated.Hazel & Family

I love producing The Scallymag for my area and, even though my children are now teenagers and I am no longer in my own target readership, I can’t see me ever stopping.

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